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We're a community of people who want to live a greener and more sustainable life.

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  2. Simon

    • Simon
    • Prabhat Khabar

    Hello and welcome to the community! 🙂

  3. Omni - VildsvinsjÀgare sköt ihjÀl shettisar pÄ rymmen OMNI.SE En jÀgare sköt ihjÀl tvÄ shetlandsponnyer nÀr han jagade vildsvin under helgen, rapporterar Hippson. HÀstÀgaren Amanda SvedegÄrd frÄn Kalmar blev vÀckt av sin sambo som berÀttade att polisen var dÀr. HÀr Àr en till duktig jÀgare som lyckades med bedriften att skjuta ihjÀl tvÄ shetlandsponnyer nÀr han var ute och jagade. Tydligen trodde han att de var vildsvin.
  4. While huge fires are ravaging the US west coast, Trump continues to ignore reality and spread his science and climate denialism. In a recent press conference, the US president and clown-in-chief said that "it'll start getting cooler. You just watch ... I don't think science knows, actually." Click here to watch the video. BBC News reports that: The stupidity and ignorance on display here is so painful that it physically hurts. Humanity is doomed.
  5. On Augusti 22nd, we humans had consumed and used up more natural resources that the Earth can renew in 12 months. This is called "Overshoot Day" and usually it happens earlier and earlier every year, according to calculations by the American NGO Global Footprint Network. According to these calculations, Earth Overshoot Day happened on December 29th in 1970, November 4th in 1980, October 11th in 1990, September 23rd in 2000 and August 7th in 2010, and in 2019 Earth Overshoot Day happened on July 29th. But in 2020, Earth Overshoot Day didn't take place until Augusti 22nd. Analysts beli
  6. Check out Terra Nil, which is a cute little strategy game that let's you transform a dead wasteland into a green and ecological paradise - in 8-bit (or 16?) graphics. It's free to download and you can play it on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Check out some gameplay videos: And some more gameplay: What do yu think? Have you played it? The game seems pretty simplistic both in gameplay and its solutions to the environmental destruction (science and technology will just magically clean everything up and all the wildlife will just come back to life) - but he
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  8. A Green Life Team

    A Green Life Team

    We have just updated the back-end of our website. Please let us know if something isn't working as intended.

  9. Simon

    To fence or not fence?

    You can always try and build a natural fence using twigs, branches and such. I think it's called a wattle fence and I'm sure you can find many different guides and how-to videos on youtube. 🙂
  10. Simon

    Green tea

    I don't really drink tea so I have never tried green tea. How does it compare to "ordinary" tea? Is it more healthy?
  11. How much does it really cost to charge an electric vehicle for a full year? Well, I don't know, but I found this neat website that compares the cost of charning your electric vehicle for a full year in 50 different countries. Check it out here! Do you have an electric vehicle and does the calculations on that website seem right or are they completely wrong?
  12. Climate scientists and activists, like Greta Thunberg, says it's time for world leaders to face the climate emergency and issues several demands in an open letter that today was sent to all EU leaders and heads of state. The open letter has already been signed by thousands of activists, scientists, representatives of civil society influencers - and they urge everyone to sign and share the open letter. You can read the full letter here: https://climateemergencyeu.org You can also follow and use the hashtag #FaceTheClimateEmergency on social media.
  13. A Green Life has a new theme! We are still tweaking the colours and some other minor things. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve the theme further please do post them here. If you find any bugs or something that isn't working as it should please do let us know. Thank you!
  14. Simon

    • Simon
    • Rishikesh

    Welcome to the community! 🙂

  15. The Time has now published an essay, or transcript, of the podcast. Check it out: Six Months on a Planet in Crisis: Greta Thunberg's Travel Diary from the U.S. to Davos TIME.COM From Washington, D.C. to Davos, read Greta Thunberg's travel diary of six months fighting climate change around the world. "This essay is adapted from the transcript of a radio program produced for Swedish Radio and broadcast in June. This is the first time the text has been published in its entirety."
  16. There have been a lot of talks about Europe being a climate leader, but the EU and European countries like Norway and Great Britain are sabotaging its own climate goals by subsidising the fossil sector by more than €137 billion per year, according to a new report by Investigate Europe. Europe will never be able to fulfil its climate commitments or emission reduction goals if it doesn’t stop these enormous subsidies to the fossil fuel sector. But despite this, there are still no plans to phase out these huge fossil subsidies.
  17. Man hör mycket snack och kritik frÄn klimatförnekare, högerpolitiker och troll om subventioner till förnybar energi. Men visste du att Sverige lÀgger över 4,3 miljarder euro pÄ fossila subventioner varje Är? De europeiska och svenska fossila subventionerna gör att EU inte kommer att nÄ sina uppsatta utslÀppsmÄl eller uppfylla Parisavtalet. Men trots detta sÄ finns det Ànnu inga planer pÄ att fasa ut de enorma fossilsubventionerna.
  18. Let's share examples of amazing off-grid homes! Here is a rather spacious off-grid cabin that is built on a beautiful cliff with a spectacular view of a forest and its treetops. The cabin has two lofts, one is a living room, and one is the bedroom. On the main floor is a kitchen, a bathroom with a sink and a bath (but no toilet because the owner prefers to have the toilet outside), and a spacious living area with the wood stove and dining table. If you know of any other amazing examples of off-grid homes, please do share them here. 🙂
  19. In the Netherlands they have big bicycles that acts as child-powered school buses. Just check out this video that was posted on Twitter which shows an ordinary rush hour in the Netherlands. Rush hour in the Netherlands and human-powered school buses.mp4 Isn't that amazing or what. Why can't we be more like the Netherlands?!
  20. Conservationists are desperately trying to save a glacier in northern Italy from melting away by covering it in giant white sheets. The Presena glacier is a popular skiing resort that attracts tourists from around the world, but the glacier has lost more than one third of its volume since 1993. Once the ski season is over, the glacier has been covered by giant white tarps that block the sun’s rays in an effort to slow the melting. The project has been ongoing since 2008 and now covers around 100,000 sq. metres of the glacier. Italian team covers glacier with giant white she
  21. Now this is scary. Extremist right-wing groups have apparently started to infiltrate green groups in Germany to spread their hateful ideology and gaining support among German farmers who are frustrated with new regulations on the use of fertilisers and the protection of insects. The Guardian reports that farmers associations and environmental groups in Germany are now warning that far-right groups are exploiting the country's growing green movement and the increasing popularity of organic lifestyles, as well as rural nostalgia and farmers’ anger at globalisation. The far-right are doing t
  22. Simon


    It's so hot! I think I'm melting away... đŸ„”

  23. Jonas Ebbesson, professor i miljörÀtt vid Stockholms universitet, skriver pÄ DN att den svenska regeringen inte alls Àr bunden av yttrandet frÄn Mark- och miljööverdomstolen om Preems raffinaderi i Lysekil. Ebbesson förklarar att Sveriges klimatlag inte kan anvÀndas för att stoppa Preems utbyggnad dÄ lagen inte kan pÄverka enskilda verksamheter dÄ den enbart har befogenheter gÀllande regeringens övergripande ansvar i klimatpolitiken. Vidare förklarar Ebbesson att Regeringen mÄste basera sitt beslut pÄ miljöbalken och att beslutet mÄste vara i linje med EU:s lagstiftning inom omrÄdet, och
  24. Now here is something truly idiotic. Apparently, local authorities in southern Spain sprayed a beach with diluted bleach in a (completely vain) attempt to tackle the coronavirus. The authorities wanted to “protect” their residents from Covid-19 by spraying bleach using big tractors on the beach right before the lockdown and curfew was going to be removed. The bleach was sprayed on the beach and dunes which is also a popular and protected nesting ground for several species of migratory birds. And while the bleach killed everything on the ground, both plants and insects, the tractors most l
  25. Facebook has apparently decided to view climate denialism as just another “opinion”. This means that advertisement on the popular social networking site that pushes climate denialism doesn’t need to be fact-checked by experts. Climatewire reports (content is unfortunately behind a registration/paywall) that climate denialist groups, like “the CO2 Coalition”, are now pouring monety into Facebook ads which says that “burning more fossil fuels would help humanity”. Facebook is just horrible, boycott them if you aren't already.
  26. @LĂ€mmchen Yes, cycling doesn't work for everyone, everywhere. There are obviously some very real limitations for some. And that is fine, there is no need to feel bad about it. We do the best we can. But cycling should work for many, many other people.
  27. Dagens ETC har en intressant ledare om att allt fokus och ansvar om det kommande regeringsbeslutet om Preems utbyggnad inte enbart kan ligga pÄ Miljöpartiet. I ledartexten riktas sylvass kritik mot Socialdemokraterna och Stefan Löfven som aldrig tvingats ta ansvar för den katastrofala klimatpolitiken som de har: "Stefan Löfven har det sÄ oförskÀmt skönt bakom sitt gröna skynke. Han har gömt sig dÀr i sex Är. Aldrig tvingas han ta personligt ansvar för politik som krymper framtiden, som förvÀrrar klimatkrisen." LÄt inte sossarna gömma sig bakom det gröna skynket
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