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  2. Simon


    It's so hot! I think I'm¬†melting away... ūü•Ķ

  3. Simon


    Dislike pandemics? You're going to hate climate change.

  4. Simon


    I will try the vegan Incredible Burger by Garden Gourmet later today. I've heard its supped to be good and incredibly (hehe) tasty. I'm really looking forward to it! ?

  5. Simon


    So, if I've understood it correctly, there are actually some who believe that we should let more people die by the coronavirus to save the economy. Imagine having that opinion but at the same time believing that a tax on the very richest to save the climate would be too drastic.

    1. Simon


      It might sound harsh, but let’s be honest, the "kill your grandparents with COVID-19 to save the economy" is the new "kill your grandchildren with climate change to save the economy."

  6. A Green Life Team

    A Green Life Team

    Here's a little update on how the development of agreenlife.today is progressing. In the coming days, we'll begin working on making the site work great on mobile devices such as tablets and phones. If you find any bugs or stuff that isn't working properly, please do post a topic in our support forum. And if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve your experience using this site, please post them in our feedback forum. Thank you! ?

  7. A Green Life Team

    A Green Life Team

    Hello everyone! Did you know that you can post in our support forum if you have any questions about this site or if you need any help with your account. You can also give us suggestions on how we can improve your experience using this site in our feedback forum.

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